The Mirror World – nutting it out

Firstly, hee, good ol’ PaintShop, it lets me do clever logo things for my new stories. Even if Photobucket is also refusing to send password recovery emails and I’m going to have to start uploading everything to LJ or get a imageshack account. Anyway. Some of you might have read my original musings for this story on FB, but for the rest of you, here is what I wrote:

I have a vague idea for a story, which I would like to expand into something more than a vague idea. Basically I was looking in the mirror from different angles the other day when I was trying to take photos of my new haircut (see my photos if you haven’t already) and I was intrigued by the way if I stood straight in front of the mirror, I could only see what was reflected directly behind me, but if leant in really close on one side, I could see pretty much my entire room reflected in it, even though the mirror only covers a small section. Now, while I realise that this is all to do with refraction of light or some other such science-y stuff, I still can’t help but be intrigued by the possibility that there is a whole other world on the other side of the mirror. Hence, after pondering on this for a bit, I sent Kirra a message asking her where/what she thought reflections go/do while we’re not looking in the mirror, and her response was that they have parties with other reflections. So now I have this idea of a sort of cast of Clueless-esque characters, all having parties and being completely vain and stuff, and running off to be the reflection when needed, then there’s like those who are the reflections of people who barely ever look in the mirror, who are less popular, and the whole popularity level is defined by how much you are viewed in the mirror. Or something… that’s as much as I’ve thought out at the moment. But I’m wanting to go further with it.

So, writing that actually seemed to get my creative juices flowing, and I actually ended up writing a couple of pages of stuff before I went to bed. I got to thinking about how exactly the Mirror World would work in parallel to the Real World, and started thinking about a few characters. NB: The bits in {braces and italics} are the bits that I’m not entirely sure about yet. Any suggestions are welcome. Well, suggestions are welcome on anything, but particularly those bits. So, I give you, the plans so far for:

by Emberley/Spaci/Em/whatever the hell you know me as
© 2008


One’s living in this world is made by Reflecting. That’s it. Therefore, even if a person in the Real World is relatively poor, if they’re vain enough to look in the mirror 24/7, their reflection could be virtually a millionaire in the Mirror World. If their Reflector rarely looks in the mirror, then… well, it sucks to be them, then. And, no, they don’t get to choose. They can’t actually die until their Reflector dies, but they still feel pain/hunger/etc and can practically waste away and only just exist for the simple reason that they have to.

Each Reflection has its own Watcher, a sort of spirit that stays with them and keeps track of the Reflecting they do. The Watcher cannot interact at all; it just hangs about, really. However, as it is the Watcher that keeps track of the Reflecting, without it, it would be impossible for the Reflections to be “paid” {really must work out what the system is for that}.

Each Reflection carries a Mirror, which they use to Reflect {they are alerted somehow whenever they need to Reflect}. They have the power to manipulate their clothing and appearance to match their Reflector, and are able to create the illusion of a matching surrounds.

Their appearance is obviously the mirror image of the Reflector, and their name is the reverse (i.e. Nikki in the Real World = Ikkin in the Mirror World).

As it has always seemed impossible to communicate with the Reflectors, everyone has always assumed that it is, and that crossing to the Real World is even more so. The social order is pretty much accepted as everyone knows that they have no choice as to their Reflector, and therefore no one’s really bothered trying to change the habits of their Reflector.


Bear with me with these, I really don’t like writing about characters, I prefer to just let them come out through the writing, so these are pretty crap descriptions, but I thought I should put something here so’s you’se know a bit about the characters and how the Mirror World ones relate to the Real World ones and stuff. I actually can see the Mirror World characters in my head better than the Real World ones, it’s just harder to write about them. Hmm… Anyway… without further ado:

The Real World

Nikki: she’s a smart girl, but places too much store in her appearance, which isn’t brilliant. As such, she’s always comparing herself to her friend Rochelle, who is basically the necessary “hot chick” in this story (See below) Therefore, she avoids mirrors, except on the odd occasion when Rochelle forces her to look in one. Oh, yes, and she wears glasses, but they’re crooked and lean more to the left. This is significant.

Rochelle: maybe not as smart as Nikki, but she does make up for it with her looks. Think Cher from Clueless, but not quite so much of a ditz and genuinely nice. She does, however, constantly check her make-up is okay, and will often check her reflection in a handy window or similar. Her hair has a side-part. This is also significant.

Ben: one of those guys that pretty much everyone likes: popular himself, but doesn’t just hang with the in crowd. He tries to convince Nikki not to be so obsessed with her looks, but Rochelle is never helpful in this regard. He has a scar just above his right eyebrow (yes, that’s significant). In my mind he looks somewhat like Ben Williams, which is pretty much what always happens when I give a character the name of someone I know, but it really isn’t an issue if you don’t know who Ben Williams is.

The Mirror World

Ikkin: She hates herself as much as Nikki does, but it’s more because of the fact that she’s virtually destitute due to Nikki never looking at her Reflection.

Ellehcor: (this is pronounced elle-e-cor) she really is like Cher from Clueless, no less ditzy. Everything is about her. She finds the mere thought of being anywhere near Ikkin absolutely repulsive and only

Neb: Since Ben is fairly normal, Neb is also a fairly average guy. He wants to help Ikkin but feels kind of helpless.

So, in case you hadn’t worked out why all those bits where I was going “This is significant” are significant,
they are significant because then obviously their Reflections have the opposite. This will obviously create confusion when Ikkin, Neb and Ellehcor manage to cross worlds (which you probably worked out will happen because of the fact that I pointed out its supposedly impossible – it can always happen if its impossible! =D)

Anyway, I really, really need to get onto things that are more pressing and due places on Thursday, so that will do for today. I might try and link this to my FB, I think that is possible so that you will all be informed whenever I post. So. Yes. I shall go now.

~ Em


One thought on “The Mirror World – nutting it out

  1. Ellie says:


    I am muchly liking this idea, m’dear. You didn’t finish the description for Ellehcor though…and you could do with a better title 😛 But I really do think it’s a great one if you can figure out those little things like how the system actually works 😛 a sort of credit card system maybe? Where every time you get looked at your balance gets topped up in a sort of electronic/psychic fashion? Hmm.

    Mind if I steal the concept for one of my creative writing workshop pieces?


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