First post, with links to old blog stuff.

My GOD, the amount of rigmarolle I have gone through today. I used to have a Blogger account for my writing, but today that has decided to fuck up completely. It’s s’posed to be linked to my Google account, but both Blogger and Google are telling me I have the wrong password, and NIETHER would send me the Password Recovery email, so I was going to use my GJ (greatestjournal) but posting is disabled over there at the moment, so I deleted that account all together and I’ve decided to start up a new one over here, which will hopefully cause me less trouble. Anyways. Just a few links to my blogger account so I have easy access, even if no one else is interested:

Not So Imaginary, Chapter 1
Not So Imaginary, Chapter 2
Not So Imaginary, Chapter 3
Not So Imaginary, Chapter 4
Not So Imaginary, Chapter 5
Not So Imaginary, Chapter 6

Not So Imaginary is not exactly a chaptered story, these are just the sections in which I posted them online, and I called them chapters for want of a better word. It’s unfinished at the moment, and I’m really not sure when it’s going to be, plus I plan on eventually rewriting Chapter 6, so if that kind of thing frustrates you, I’d advise not clicking on any of the above.

Anyways, so if you feel so inclined, leave me a comment either here or somewhere else where we are in touch (if we’re in touch, for all I know, you may be a complete stranger, but my blogs tend not to be frequented by complete strangers, really)… I should probably check up if this thing allows anonymous comments, cos you probably don’t all want to have to sign up here, too. Okay… going now.

~ Em


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